Better Grades in Less Time by Gary Tuerack

Better Grades in Less Time by Gary Tuerack

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The Better Grades in Less Time book:

*How to improve your concentration and your grades
*Test taking secrets
*How to improve your reading comprehension
*How to easily memorize: facts, formulas, names and lists.
*How to save long hours of aggravation sitting trying to understand your reading.
*After using this program, students receive higher scores on standardized tests.

As a struggling student, I discovered techniques that took me from barely getting by in high school, to the top of my class in college. Since that time, I have been asked by hundreds of schools around the country, including Harvard, Cornell and MIT to speak about what I've learned.

Over the past ten years, I've shared the secrets of academic success with hundreds of thousands of traditional and non-traditional students around the world. Now my mission is to make these little known secrets available to everyone. Whether you are at a community, online or private college, this program is designed for you!

This Informative Guide to Academic Success Will Show You:

*How To Easily and Quickly:
*Increase your Reading Speed and Comprehension
*Learn Test Taking Secrets of Top Students
*Improve your Concentration and Your Grades
*Understand Your Reading with Clarity the First Time
*Receive Higher Scores on Standardized Tests
*Study Better and Produce Higher Quality Work in Less Time

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