NSLS Graduation Set (Stole, Cords & Tassel Charm)

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The NSLS Graduation Set is the perfect complement to your wardrobe come graduation day! Our honor stole is made of platinum silk and proudly features in black the NSLS Sigma Alpha Pi letters. Our NSLS cords come in matching black and platinum, featuring thick tassels at the bottom. And our silver metal Sigma Alpha Pi tassel charm brings the whole look together. 

Important note on stole color: The stole is platinum silk and matches the color of the stole in our graduation set with the NSLS medallion

Requirements to order this item: You must be fully inducted to order graduation items. Be sure to check your campus policies on honor distinctions at graduation prior to ordering. 

Please Note: This item is non-refundable. Member Id is the Username or Email you use to login to the NSLS website.